Sales of Industrial Stitching Machines

Since our packaged products are power, products, when packed in the sacks, must be closed with a bag closing machine. Ovara Konstant Business Ltd introduced two major brands of industrial stitching machines, the Union Special made in Germany and the Newlong industrial machine made in Japan. Our company became the only and major distributor of these two stitching machines in Nigeria and West Africa.  


Among our services to the Milling and Allied industries is our major fumigation services. We have trained personnel with high knowledge of milling and food processing. Our exceptional fumigation services made us the sole fumigator of all the flour and feed industries in Nigeria.

Our fumigation services have been acclaimed as the best considering our modern equipment, promoting insects and antinodes free environmental machines and all the Process.

Disinfect and kill insects in hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls, restaurants, residential quarters, cars, cargo vessels, trains, ships, airplanes, warehouses, livestock farms, etc.

Sterilization and disinfection of public and entertainment places such as food factories, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, parking lots, prisons, and theaters, etc.

Repairs, Maintenance and Sales of Spares

As a result, new entrants and expansion in the existing industries, the demand for milling spares increased. Ovara Konstant Business Ltd decided to source a high number of milling consumables i.e. Nylon sieves, Jet pneumatic filters, purifier covers, plan sifter inlet and outlet sleeves, purifier brushes, etc. and stock them in our Apapa office to meet the urgent demand of the Hour Milling industries.